Poetry Box #13, 2011 - 2012

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That's Just The Way I Am
by Macey Ferron-Jones
May 1, 2012

You're the top of the heap, in your world that is
You think you should be called master or miss
Anything outside beauty and glamour
Is a blip on your radar, no big hammer
You think you’re so great with your little pack
But no one should cut you any slack
I don't care about my glitter and glam
Why, I wouldn't care if I looked like a clam
Tease me all day
And I will just say
Give it all you got
You despicable lot
There you have it; I won that battle
I chased you off like a herd of cattle
I really won in the end
Then I say, "I'll go tell your intolerable friends"
You'll say, "You wouldn't dare"
And I'll just give you my victory glare
You'll be thrown to the bottom
Put to shame
Hopefully though
You'll feel terribly lame
Time for you
to get pestered and teased
It’s your turn now
To get stung by the bees
That moment of victory
Sure went by
But it was enough
To satisfy
My need to beat you
In the end
That was a break
That you couldn't mend
Nobody owes you anything
You’re really spoiled with your jewels and rings
I don't want to be the top of the heap
I've got problems, that's what you speak
You think I'm not right in the head
I want to be strong and smart instead
The world shouldn't come to you on a silver platter
Well, maybe it would squash you flatter
Now at the bottom
You might become tame
Just remember
Two can play this game
My hopes aren't up but maybe someday you'll see
I am perfectly happy with the plain old me



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