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 Why I Write:  A Celebration of the National Day on Writing

When I asked my students why they write, they replied with a multitude of reasons--all focused on conventions such as "getting better at handwriting" or "spelling better."  We then launched into a study of a number of mentor texts--video clips of adult writers sharing why they choose to spend time writing, completely shifting the focus of our dialogue about writing as 6- and 7-year olds.  Our current thinking is captured in the attached video...Enjoy!

P.S.  Some 5th graders who viewed our video with us encouraged us to publish it so that we could encourage more adults to write.  "Adults listen to kids and what they have to say more than they listen to other adults.  Maybe you'll get some adults to write by sharing your video," they said.  So...will you?  If you put pen to paper as a result of our efforts here, we would love to know!



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