Español (6, 7, 8)

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Free Rice – Donate rice to charities while working on your Spanish vocabulary

Teatro Milago - La Luna Nueva (Festival of Hispanic arts, music, theatre Sept. 16th–Oct.1st)

YABLA - Watch cool videos about hundreds of topics from native Spanish speakers.

Nulu - Videos in Spanish.  You can adjust the speed and add vocabulary cards at will.

News in Slow Spanish - Just what it sounds like.  You can slow the speed down!!

Audiria - Practice Spanish by listening to any number of Spanish content.

BBC Spanish - This site is amazing!

University of Texas - Sequence of videos for Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

¡Canciones! - 134 canciones I've collected for you

Phonetic Pronunciation Web Site
Audio of different Spanish Pronunciations

El Alfabeto y Abecedario
Talking Vocabulary!!!

Los Números
Números en un Power Point
Awsome Practice Site
Matemáticas en Español

Ir a + Infinitivo (going to... will...)

Quizlet of conjugations

Hispanic Heritage Month
Hispanic Biographies

South American Radio Stations

Central American Radio Stations

Guatemala Resources

Rhyming Dictionary

Milagro Bean Field War (La Guerra del Campo de Frijoles de Milagro)
Discussion Questions #1

Pobre Ana, Capítulos 1-9

Paletón y el Elefante Musical
Quizlet vocab. study site
Great Practicing Web site from Lauren and BBC

Práctica para el Imperfecto y el Pretérito
Una explicación Buenísima

La Familia Practice Sites

Demonstrative Adjectives
Prueba 1
Prueba 2 

BK Nelson harder

Tener Que...
Sitio #1
Sitio #2
Sitio #3
Sitio #4

Los Vínculos Esenciales:

Games, Trivia, Fun sites

Progressive Jeapordy #1

Progressive Rags to Riches #2

Progressive "Study Spanish" #3

Progressive BK Nelson #4

Spanish Grammar...BK Nelson                 

Spanish Grammar "Conjuguemos"  Username: whitespencer  Password: white2                 

Tons of Spanish Everything        

Languages of the World....and audio!

Pablo Neruda Everything Red Poppy                  Great Poetry Collection

Martín Espada

National Exam Practice


Video Biographies

Spanish song lessons

Puebla Links to Tons of Great Spanish Sites

Spanish Grammar and Vocab. Everything

Spanish Grammar....Learn Spanish  Articles, Plural Nouns, etc. 

Spanish Grammar "Quia"  Username: spencercatlin  Password: white2

Grammar Practice ..."Learn Online"

Ser y Estar: Práctica #1

Ser y Estar: Práctica #2

Ser y Estar:  Práctica #3

Ser y Estar:  Práctica #4

Ser y Estar Link to practice sites

Estar: Práctica

Quia Index

General Basics of Spanish

Flash Card Practice

Los Países de Latino América (Latin American Countries):

Geography on Latin American Countries

Great Place to start for Countries

 LANIC Link to all Countries

General Country Information

La Música de Latino América:

Ardean Instruments

Music from Many Different Latin American Countries 

Library of Congress Country Studies

Great songs from Latin American Countries

Candombe de Uruguay!!!

World Music Network!!! Very Cool!!!

Ecuador Edufuturo Search Site

Ecuador...General Stuff 

Ecuador Peoples

Ecuador Indigenous Links

Ecuador Grupos e Idiomas

Instruments of the Andes Mountains

Latin Musical Terms

History of Adean Folk Music

Center for World Indigenous Studies

Mapuche Nation

Meso-America Interactive

Meso-American Ballgame

Teotihucan... Aztec Capital City

Mapas de Todo

Maya Computer Lab Learning

Citation Machine...Bibliography Creator

Cuban Music and Dance

Capoeira from Brazil

Brazil Indigenous Groups and Languages

Argentina...Great Description of Food and Culture

Busca Palabra

Chistes y Bromas

Vexillology... Study of Flags and their Meanings

Lowrider Culture

Cool Link to Border Stories in Spanish

Hispanic Heritage Month Links