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Catlin Gabel supports students at every stage in their development, nurturing their intellect, feeding their curiosity, and helping them to build confidence and character. It’s an experience shared by the students and alumni profiled here,­­ Ian, Hayle, and Ramtin. Each has their own way of explaining how this experience has shaped their lives.

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Ian McClanan ’16:
“The Game of Life”

“I see authentic, well-rounded individuals" Ian McClanan says of his classmates, "who know how to collaborate when they face a roadblock, and know how to persevere to find success."

At Catlin Gabel Ian learned to approach life with a sense of curiosity and a willingness to explore.

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Hayle Meyerhoff ’16:
“Facing My Fear”

“I feel safe in this community,” Hayle Meyerhoff says. “And I don’t have to be good at everything. I knew I’d be okay if I failed.”

Learning to face challenges has been central to Hayle’s experience at Catlin Gabel, and made her the confident, high-achieving young woman she is today.

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Ramtin Rahmani ’12:
“Preparing for Success”

“Catlin Gabel gave us the tools to tackle problems we hadn’t yet encountered,” says Ramtin Rahmani.

A senior at Dartmouth College, Ramtin recognizes the many ways that his experience at Catlin Gabel has benefitted him in his undergraduate years.

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