The intent of the Palma Scholarship is to honor the accomplishments of the students as well as their potential by providing funding towards Upper School tuition. The specific amount of the award each Scholar receives will depend on several factors including the number of Scholars selected each year and the amount of funds available from the endowment. Awards are typically around 25% of tuition, renewed each year, and additional need-based aid is available for students who require further financial support. Scholarship decision letters will outline the total Palma award package for all four years and will be delivered with the admission decision.

Financial Assistance

Families interested in receiving need-based financial assistance above and beyond the Palma Scholarship amount should apply by the February 2, 2018, deadline. It is important that you submit your financial assistance application by this deadline or we cannot consider you for need-based assistance in addition to the scholarship. Families will receive their total scholarship and need-based decisions along with their offer of admission. Although the amount of the Palma Scholarship will remain fixed for the duration of enrollment, the need-based portion of the award could change if a family's financial situations changes in subsequent years.