The Caller: Winter 2008-09

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Catlin Gabel's alumni and community magazine

The art of writing at Catlin Gabel School

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A 7th grader writing on a sunny day at the Classical Chinese Garden. Photo: Paul Monheimer

Writing: The Backbone of a Catlin Gabel Education
Head of school Lark Palma on the importance of writing to the school curriculum

The Writing Process: What Works So Well Here
English teacher Brett Mathes on the strengths of the Catlin Gabel process

How Young Children Evolve as Writers
Teacher Mimi Tang on how storytellers learn to write

Where We Come From
Revered teachers Clint Darling and Dave Corkran reflect on the history of writing at Catlin Gabel

Writing History Alive
Hannah Whitehead's 6th graders write novellas about Civil War times

Its All About the Rhetoric
English teacher Art Leo on how the art of persuasion underlies good writing and good citizenship

A Sample of Our Alumni of Words
Books by some of our alumni authors

Science Writing is Writing, Too
Science teacher Paul Dickinson on the logical art of writing in science classes

Has Technology Changed Writing?
Paul Andrichuk, Middle School head, asks if we can adapt to how teenagers write

How Aimee Bender Saved Pegasus
Jens Tamang '07 learned a life lesson from a visiting writer

James Grant's Remarkable Path
An alumnus who has written his way from Hollywood to news to novels

Samples of Student Writing
From 2nd through 12th grade, outstanding writing by our students

Catlin Gabel News
Tidbits from Honey Hollow

Alumni News
A shout-out to alumni

We Honor Our Alumni and Volunteers
Our 2008-09 award winners

A Satisfying Career Later in Life
Bob Conklin '55 headed Timber Press for 17 years

The Fertile Intersection of Literature and Law
Julie Peters '77 combines both fields in her academic career

A Poet in the World
Writing defines the life of Zanni Schauffler '95

Basics of Endowment
Long-term stewardship for Catlin Gabel

A Major Gift in Honor of a Beloved Staffer
Carol Bartel is honored