The Caller: Winter 2007-08

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Catlin Gabel's alumni and community magazine

  Celebrating Catlin Gabel's 50th Anniversary

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Contributing to Our Community: An Enduring Theme
Head of school Lark Palma on how Catlin Gabel stays connected to the larger community

How Well Do You Know Catlin Gabel?
Take this quiz and see!

Come celebrate!
The school's 50th anniversary weekend

Catlin-Hillside and Gabel Country Day Merge in 1957
A history of the decision to merge

Honey Hollow Farm
How Catlin Gabel came to its campus

What Happened When?
A timeline of highlights from CGS history

What Will I Be Doing in 50 Years?
Students speculate on life in 2058

Half a Century of Leadership
Catlin Gabel's leaders since the 1958 merger

Catlin Gabel News
What's happening around Honey Hollow

From the Alumni Board

Tom Tucker '66: the Philosopher in the Woodshop

Growing Up on Campus: Andrea Darling '90

Growing Up on Campus: Sequoia Medley '01

"So Many Doors Have Opened"