The Caller: Summer 2012

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Catlin Gabel's alumni and community magazine

Food: Nourishing Bodies, Feeding Minds

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Use it Up, Wear it Out, Eat it All
Head of school Lark Palma's reflections on food as a personal journey, and the importance of placing food studies in a global context

The Pitchfork to Plate Journey
Teacher Maggie Bendicksen reports on the success of the 5th grade focus on food and food production

Why Garden in School?
Teacher Carter Latendresse explains how the school garden enhances the 6th grade English and history curriculum on ancient civilizations

The Advocate Who Makes a Difference
Curt Ellis '98 educates about food policy, from his film King Corn to the new, innovative FoodCorps

Thinking About Hunger, Acting Against Hunger
Teacher Christa Kaainoa on a typical day volunteering with Middle Schoolers at the Oregon Food Bank

The Big Green Center of Campus
The Barn, the school's cafeteria, keeps everyone happy and nourished with its healthful, fresh, varied, and local offerings

The Public Pediatrician
Dr. Don Shifrin '66 speaks for children's health

Environmental Science and Policy: Real-World Learning
A senior on classes that teaches students to cope with complexity and ambiguity

We Bid Farewell to Michael Heath and Our Retiring Teachers

Finding Solutions to Food Insecurity in Portland
Students in the PLACE program have made a change in outer southeast Portland

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Alumni News

"Food is everything"
Chef and teacher Paul Folkestad '82 is the public face of culinary education

Focus on Giving: Tuition on the Track
Launching a tradition for financial aid

Focus on Giving: Campaign Update