The Caller: Summer 2011

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Creative Thinkers

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A New Creative Arts Center--Now is the Time
Head of school Lark Palma introduces plans for a new creative arts center for Catlin Gabel and discusses the importance of creative thinking

A Campaign for Arts & Minds
Read about plans for Catlin Gabel's new creative arts center, and how it will consolidate and enhance our teaching of the arts

Arts Are at the Core
Teacher Nance Leonhardt on how the arts underpin Catlin Gabel's philosophy, and how it is taught in both Middle and Upper Schools

Our Amazing & Creative Alumni: Eric Edwards '71
Eric is a cameraman, aka director of photography or cinematographer, who has worked in both small independent films and big-budget studio productions

Our Amazing & Creative Alumni: Jennifer Choi '92
New music and classical violinst Jennifer Choi '92 goes way beyond conventional technique

Our Amazing & Creative Alumni: Tom Bussey '87
Tom Bussey '87 is the technical genius behind enormous events and environments

Our Amazing & Creative Alumni: Frank Boyden '60
Visual artist Frank Boyden '60 is well known for his work in ceramics, prints, sculpture, and public art

Our Amazing & Creative Alumni: Valerie Day '77
Early fame deepened singer Valerie Day '77's philosophy of the arts

Our Amazing & Creative Alumni: Joan Livingstone '66
Renowned artist Joan Livingstone '66 has also served as dean of the Art Institute of Chicago

Our Amazing & Creative Alumni: Peter Bromka '00
Peter Bromka '00 works with designers to understand human behavior--and how design can make life better

Our Amazing & Creative Alumni: Bianca Bosker '04
Bianca Bosker '04 breaks technology news for the Huffington Post

Our Amazing & Creative Alumni: Jason Wesche '92
Jason Wesche '92 creates digital film art at Dreamworks

Our Amazing & Creative Alumni: Camille Keedy Malmquist '96
Camille Keedy Malmquist '96 makes pastries in Paris

Our Amazing & Creative Alumni: Ernie Lafky '81
A casino games designer, Ernie Lafky '81 is dedicated to avant-garde theater

Our Amazing & Creative Alumni: Hillary Hurst '72
Hillary Hurst '72 heals through drama therapy

Our Amazing & Creative Alumni: John Ralston '74
John Ralston '74 creates glorious buildings

Our Amazing & Creative Alumni: Michael Hiestand '75
Michael Hiestand '75 created his own niche in journalism: sports media

Our Amazing & Creative Alumni: Pat Carew '93
Pat Carew '93 creates videos for a huge variety of clients

Our Amazing & Creative Alumni: Caroline Kuerschner MacLaren '89
Carrie MacLaren '89 has discovered where creativity lives in the paractice of law

Our Amazing & Creative Alumni: Caprice Neely '85
Caprice Neely designs remarkable footwear for Nike

What do Employers Look For?
Alumni discuss creativity and other desirable traits in their employees

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