The Caller: Spring 2010

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Come Together: School as Community

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Communitas: The Gift of Coming Together
Head of School Lark Palma reflects on the meaning of a school community

Learning Community at Catlin Gabel
A teacher and a counselor talk about how they teach our youngest students to become part of a greater whole

A Dream Playground We Built Together
When community gets behind a project, anything can happen. We have an incredible playground built entirely by volunteers, and this is the story of how we came together

Teachers & Students: The Heart of the Community--Aline Garcia Rubio '92
Read about how five teachers build strong relationships with their students--the basis of a great education. We start with an incredible Upper School science teacher.

Teachers & Students: The Heart of the Community--Pat Walsh
This Upper School history teacher bonds with students over history told with personal stories--and basketball

Teachers & Students: The Heart of the Community--Carol Ponganis
Carol creates a strong sense of community in her Middle School science and math classes

Teachers & Students: The Heart of the Community--Carter Latendresse
How a Middle School teacher works with early adolescents and helps them grow to be great community members

Teachers & Students: The Heart of the Community--Dave Tash
This former Navy SEAL is a bit different from many teachers, and he treats his students with unerring respect

When Homework is More than Homework
A senior talks about how she loves working at a homework club for Hispanic kids

The Little Things and the Big Thing About Baseball
How a team can become a community

PLACE Creates Engaged Citizens
Catlin Gabel's growing urban leadership program teaches how cities work

Urban Planning is Really Quite Fetching
An alumna's life direction was changed by her participation in PLACE

The Feeling Abides
How alumni have brought the feeling of the Catlin Gabel community into their lives

Redefining Community: Linking the Global and the Local
Global ed at Catlin Gabel always links back to our local community

The Catlin Gabel Student Association: An Anatomical Analogy
The student body president thinks of his group as a brain--or an appendix

Farewell to George Thompson '64 & Bob Kindley
Two longtime educators retire

Catlin Gabel News
Featured: student awards in science, the Gambl auction, athletics

Alumni News

A Leader in Progressive Education
Amani Reed '93 leads the middle school at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools

Service in the Name of Compassion
Julie Sutherland McMurchie '81 is a public face for end-of-life choices

"This school opened up the world for me"
A personal story from Dr. Derrick Butler '86 of the importance of financial aid

The Clint Darling Fund
A fund for financial aid honors a memorable teacher

Where Do Your Annual Fund Contributions Go?