The Caller: Fall 2009

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Supporting Our Students: The Child as Unit of Consideration

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What Makes a Great School?
Head of school Lark Palma reflects on her own education and how Catlin Gabel lives up to its philosophy

The Child as Unit of Consideration: A Comfortable Place to Learn
Susan Lazareck on how she teaches to each unique 3rd grade student

The Child as Unit of Consideration: World Cultures, Many Paths to Learning
Paul Monheimer's 7th grade World Cultures class explores learning through projects

The Child as Unit of Consideration: So, What Do You Teach?
For Paul Dickinson, science is a way to practice individualized learning methods

The Child as Unit of Consideration: Language as Learning Lab
Roberto Villa on the great opportunities that language class offers to all styles of learners

College Counseling from the Inside Out
The secrets of matching students to the right colleges

Reader's Paradise
How the Upper School library contributes to a great education

How Do I Learn?
The Learning Center, where students learn to learn and advocate for themselves

The Last Rummage Sale
Rummage retires at 65

Words and the Future
Thoughts at commencement from David Shipley '81

The Class of 2009
Our newest grads, their college plans, and their awards

The Epicenter of the Epidemic
Dr. Rick Hecht '75 and his groundbreaking research on HIV and AIDS

Meet Our New Trustees

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Alumni News

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Plants and People
Leslie Pohl-Kosbau '67 directs Portland's community gardens

Breaking Into Film
Nathan Matsuda '03 is creating a career in film directing

2008-09 Annual Report