The Caller: Spring 2008

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Catlin Gabel's alumni and community magazine

Hands, Minds, Hearts: Experiential Education at Catlin Gabel

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Connecting Learning to the World Around Us
Head of School Lark Palma's experiences with hands-on learning

What is Experiential Education?
An exploration of why Catlin Gabel values learning by doing

Learning by Doing in the Outdoors

The Arts: Experience Through Process

Athletics and PE: Experiential Learning

The Hands-on Classroom
Four classes that exemplify the best of learning by doing

Witnesses to History
Reflections on a student trip to Cuba

Just Jump!
Catlin Gabel alumni on how CGS's experiential approach prepared them for life

Days of Discovery
Learning through Experiential Days, Breakaway, and Winterim

Apprenticeship in the Real World
Senior projects let students choose their way in the world

Catlin Gabel News

Notes from the alumni office

From Rummage to the Met: Elizabeth Bachman '74

Henry J.B. Dick '65: Journey to the Center of the Earth

From the Archives

Reaching Your Goals, Reaching Catlin Gabel's Goals
A primer on planned giving

Annual Fund 2007-08 thank you

Nadine Fiedler, Caller editor