The Caller: Spring 2009

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Catlin Gabel's alumni and community magazine

What Matters Now: Great Teaching, Great Learning

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A Relationship of Inestimable Value
Head of school Lark Palma on the important relationship between students and teachers

One Family's Gratitude
Parents of an alumnus on how well CGS prepared their son

 A Tribute to Clint Darling
Testimonials from alumni on this iconic teacher's retirement

Moving On
Graduating seniors talk about their education and their lives

Tranformative Figures: Teachers Who Inspire
Alumni talk about teachers who changed their lives

Great Teaching, Great Learning
Understanding Oregon's Hispanic community, hands-on

Great Teaching, Great Learning
Art History Through Their Fingertips

Great Teaching, Great Learning
The Statistics of Rummage

Great Teaching, Great Learning
Who Are the U.S. Americans?

Great Teaching, Great Learning
Water and Wonder

Notes from Our Educational Leaders
A farewell to Pam McComas, thoughts from Michael Heath

 Catlin Gabel News Spring 2009

 Alumni News Spring 2009

Alumni Weekend 2009
See pictures of your classmates!

Documents. Dirt, and Diaspora
Marley Brown '65 is one of the greats of historical archaeology

Theatre that Gives Voice to a Community
Will Weigler '77 builds plays so that people can be heard

 The Complicated Life of Food, and the Scholar Who Studies It
Suzanne Freidberg '84 probes into the history and challenges of how we eat

"Catlin Gabel Has Changed Me"
Remarks on financial aid by student Anthony Lin '09

The Essential Catlin Gabel
12 utterly compelling reasons to support the Annual Fund