The Caller: Autumn 2008

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Catlin Gabel's alumni and community magazine

Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and Risk-taking

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Where Imagination Meets Cognition
Lark Palma on the importance of fostering creative thinking

Celebrating and Supporting Our Top Priorities

They Risk It All for a Good Idea
 Meet alumni who are entrepreneurs in very different fields

Nurturing the Creative Spark
Arts teachers reflect on the centrality of creativity

In the Works for Catlin Gabel: A New Arts Center
This new planned complex will unite Middle and Upper School arts

CommuniCare Affects Real Lives
Students learn about philanthropy firsthand

Kids in the Driver's Seat: Learning with Technology
The many ways students use technology in the classroom

A Weekend of Celebrations
The joy of reunions and the school's 50th anniversary

Creating Through a Camera Lens
There's lots going on in the media arts class

Creative Possibilities
Excerpts from Clint Darling's commencement speech

Catlin Gabel Class of 2008
Awards and college plans

Catlin Gabel News

Meet Catlin Gabel's New Trustees

Notes from the Alumni Office

Conserving Film, Preserving History
Profile of film historian David Weiss '73

The Architect of Objects
Profile of industrial designer Larry Vollum '74

The Activist on Stage
Profile of actor and activist Kathy Blume '85

Annual Report 2007-08
Includes financial report and recognition of leadership volunteers

Endnote: Describing the Indescribable
Allea Martin '05 on Macerata, Italy