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Mirrors (Part 3)

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I have applied your feedback and I think this is better! Thank you!

Does it makes sense, though? Thanks again.


Mirrors (Part 2)

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And here's my second design.


  • More intuitive visual of DIFFERENCE between layers, I think - at least, that was my intention by using multi-color

Mirrors (Part 1)

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Yes, the title of this blog post is a tribute (or reference, rather) to JT. Sorry.

I call it "Mirrors" because there are two parts, and they are reflections of each other to an extent. (It was just to get your attention)

Here's the first part. It's the first of my diagrams of a multijunction quantum dot solar panel.

Snow day blog post

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This week, I have been working on my research paper, adding to the conclusion/discussion section, and finalizing all my figures. 

Due to the weather, I wasn't able to go to the lab these last few days, but hopefully, I'll go tomorrow. 

Plan for the Next Week and Some Exciting Progress!!!!!!

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 Alright.  This was a pain to do, but I've finally turned the bulk of my data into excel format so I can have it on my mac.  This took a lot longer than I expected it to, but now I can quantitatively see the outcome of my experiments.  I've attached the results here, and I will go over how to interpret them in class.  The majority of my results support my hypothesis, but there are some that either gave inconclusive results or did not support my hypothesis.

New Perspectives on Quantum Confinement

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I might be making random connections, but I was reading my physics textbook (and by the way, per Bob's recommendation I referred to my textbook and found a useful explanation for Carnot engine efficiency) and there was a discussion of symmetry. It was symmetry as pertaining to Gaussian surfaces.

Now, I do use Gauss in my algorithms, but it's not this kind of Gauss. My Gauss was the Gaussian distribution from statistics; this Gauss is the same guy, but a different concept. This Gauss, specifically the Gaussian surface, is just any closed surface.

Improved Research Paper, Sponsored by Snow.

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The winter spirit came a few months late this year. 

Experiments Update

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Research Paper:

I am currently working on refining parts of my background section and better explaining my methods.
Also, I'm finalizing the figures I am using (mostly the western blots and the NTRK1/NTKR2 gene figures marked with mutations).

Experiments Update:

The western blot with the starved cells did not turn out so well because:
1. there were not enough cells to start with (the pellets of the spun down cells were quite small)

Carnot Bonanza

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At its heart, Carnot (pronounced Car-No) thermal efficiency is a mathematical expression that involves the temperature of the source and the temperature of the sink. It measures the efficiency of a mechanism called the Carnot heat engine, which for my purpose is simply the solar cell itself.

Science Research News Bulletin

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 I've gotten another response from Kate!  I meant to write this a few days ago, but I found myself distracted over the course of the weekend, so I am writing it now!  I asked about the multiple lines on the RT-PCR, using different thresholds between plates, and how the sybr green functioned.  Kate asked for clarification on both the question of two lines on the RT-PCR and the antibody that I used on me western blot, which actually scanned for HAS2 in stead of any MMPs.