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Dental Procedures and Tragedy

Now that I’ve told you a little about some of the cats and kittens that I have come across at the hospital, it’s time to tell you all about the many dogs and puppies that come in for surgeries and regular clinic visits as well.

Third Week at PAC!!

 This last week was the second busiest week for us at PAC. On Friday, the first year students had an audition showcase that we worked all week to produce. The audition showcase is like a final project where each student takes part in one scene from the four general disciplines that they studied over the year. It is a lot like a one act performance, only much longer. This week was interesting because of our schedule. Each day was divided into two parts, a tech section and a work through section.

Respect for those who lead field trips

 Today I got the unique experience of leading a group of second graders around the refuge during a field trip. One of our naturalists who was suppsoed to take them became ill, and the only other person available was not fully trained and supposed to be a shadpw. Having accompanied two field trips already, we partnered up and took on the kids.

I ate a mouse food

 This week, we finally did Rotarod. Or maybe we did this early but i forgot. This experiement isnt any more exciting than the other one, but my mentor have been saying that we were going to do rotarod for a long time. This experiement tested the mice's ability to move in cordinated fashion and stay on the rotating rod. Its alot like the water log except the punishment for falling is a long drop to a metal plate instead of water. Its okay for mice. They are pretty dang sturdy.

Week Three :):

Week three!

I was out of town over the weekend, so I apologize for the lateness.

Week Three at Fleur de Lis :O

Things at the bakery/café have all started getting pretty routine by the end of the third week. That’s not to say that anything is un-enjoyable at all, it has been equally fun, but nothing too new and groundbreaking has come up experience-wise. One thing that I definitely would like to share is that Steven, the floor manager, talked with me about extending my time at Fleur de Lis to becoming a part-time paid employee! This was honestly one of my far-reaching hopes for my senior project, but I never imagined the opportunity would be so readily offered to me, which is great!

Week three of OCAC

 My third week of OCAC consisted mainly of me making art in the large studio space Katie let me work in (Although when summer starts it will be filled with classes (check OCAC classes out, they're awesome and I speak from experience)). I went to another class in fibers (making paper, weaving, and more) and talked to professors here and there. One of the many things that stands out about OCAC, I've noticed, is how interconnected every course is.

Week 3 at Northwest Aircraft

As this is now the third week here at Northwest Aircraft, I’ve begun to settle into a comfortable rhythm of day-to-day work. I arrive at the hangar at about 8:15 after a 30 minute commute from my house. Although driving an hour every day has taken a little getting used to, I’ve entertained myself by scanning my favorite radio stations and worked out a precise schedule to avoid ads and get the most content such as knowing that the morning news on NPR will always start at 8:02.

My Third Week with the IYSFF

 The third week of my senior project has been the best week thus far. This was the week of the film festival and therefore of watching the individual films themselves. Going into the film festival, I had great expectations. However, my expectations were quickly dashed upon the first day of viewings. The first set of films was… mediocre. That being said, the energy in the theatre was quite vivacious and for that, I enjoyed myself greatly.

Week 1

How to read this post:

This post encompasses one week of my senior project. For each day I have a generic description in which I try not to include anything technical, and a technical explaination, where I go a little more in-depth on the details of what I was doing. Feel free to not read the technical section if you are intimidated, but if you find it interesting, by all means enjoy!