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Running blog and my second segment

 Yesterday I put together a very short segement by myself. I got my assignment and a few links and I was asked to investigate and conduct interviews to find out if the piece would be intreseting. It was about Clark County trying to make a new govrement charter. It was less then 10 minutes but it was cool to make something that was completely mine. I choose the guest, booked him, intreviewed him and wrote questions for the host (which he used most of). The piece went how I hoped it would and it was really neat. It was also fun because I had less then a day to bring it together. 

Strawberry Fields

Thank you for following my Senior Project blog and sharing my photography journey with me! I had a great time in my Senior Project this year, and Ben has been a wonderful mentor. 
One fun thing we did in the last days of our senior project was go to a strawberry field. 
That day, I woke up at 5am and arrived at the front of the Hillsboro Argus at around 5:50. Ben, with his car trunk open, was already sorting through his camera gear and getting things organized. 

Metro: Week IV

Metro: Week IV
Hey! So its my last day here at Metro and its been a pretty busy day so far. I’m Meeting with Peter Shulman and my mentor, Laura, at lunch. Basically I have wrapped up all my work so I’m just writing this and saying goodbye to all my coworkers today. I also have to fill out some forms and stuff at HR that release me from employment and blah blah blah. I have had a pretty unexciting week and I have basically just been putting the finishing touches on everything I have worked on.

Craig's Senior Project Week 2

 Unfortunately this week in my senior project was cut short due to a number of conflicts. On monday and tuesday I participated in a district golf tournament, which we won but was unable to attend my senior project because of it. Additionally wednesday I did community service with my c and c. Thursday was the only day I worked at my mentor's workshop, doing a lot of the same tasks as last week. I was suppose to accompany my mentor to salem to meet with a manufacturer on friday but the product she planned to pick hadn't passed inspection.

Week Three


18 pt
18 pt

This may not be the end

This week was cut incredibly short due to Sasquatch and a three-day detour to Seattle for a Lana Del Rey concert; however, I had a blast during the two days that I was at my senior project. I began collecting pictures of the processes that go into making a phone case, following the materials from where they are kept in their raw form to the finished product that is ready to be shipped out to the customer. Here is a little glimpse into what actually goes into making an iPhone case here at Grovemade:

Platt 3

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This week at Platt I made further progress on my project.  While the purpose of this project is less to actually come up with a solution and more just to play around with the data and see what happens, I am nearing what I hope will help show what I have accomplished up to this point, a map of the 10 nearest branches to Portland, and creating a sort of "heat map" that will be color-coded to show which branches are delivering which orders to which locations, along with how much they are actually delivering.  The idea behind this is to create a visual representation of how eff

Poet Laureate airs

 My poet laureate piece airs at 12 today on OPB 91.5!
Here's the blog post I wrote for it!
Also here is a photo of my badge! 

Dental Procedures and Tragedy

Now that I’ve told you a little about some of the cats and kittens that I have come across at the hospital, it’s time to tell you all about the many dogs and puppies that come in for surgeries and regular clinic visits as well.

Third Week at PAC!!

 This last week was the second busiest week for us at PAC. On Friday, the first year students had an audition showcase that we worked all week to produce. The audition showcase is like a final project where each student takes part in one scene from the four general disciplines that they studied over the year. It is a lot like a one act performance, only much longer. This week was interesting because of our schedule. Each day was divided into two parts, a tech section and a work through section.