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Running out of blog title ideas

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  1. Thank you for reviewing my JSHS slides with me today. I'll continue to edit up to March 9th.
  2. We discussed my oral presentation for all forums. I plan to write it this weekend and practice next week.
  3. Thank you for sending me Stephanie's comments regarding my paperwork. I would really appreciate it if you could forward me her response (if and whenever) to your response with my 2013 abstract, if only so I can rest in ease / be nervous about SRS approval beforehand. :)

Darn Near Completion!!!!

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Right now, my paper is approaching it's penultimate form.  I need to create a graph to show the differences (along with actually inserting all of my graphs into my paper), and then I can focus solely on my presentation, footnotes, and refining refining refining!!!  I will go into more depth in class tomorrow (as I am dead tired because of a combination of extracirricular factors), and I can answer more fully Veronica's questions.  But, anyways, here!
-Nick P.

Another Poster Draft

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I am also working on my general oral presentation as well as presentation slides for JSHS.

Thanks very much!

Poster Updates

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I have completed a first rough draft of my poster for the NWSES system. It still needs work, but I have attached the draft here for reference.

In other news, I am closing in on a first draft for my JSHS PowerPoint presentation as well.

Thank you very much!

Overhauled draft of research paper

 The new and improved research paper, however not one that takes into account a possible plan B. (plan C?)

Got Lucky (With Poster Size)

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I successfully pieced together a layout for a two-board poster, 72x48 total. The title is large and each section (introduction, methods, results, analysis, relevance, future work, conclusion, and references) is planned now. I believe the space is necessary to cover all my material, still in a concise manner but with enough detail.

Over the next weeks, I will be working on this poster and my oral presentations for all venues.

Many many thanks! :) All feedback is welcome and appreciated.


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I have been working on my final paper draft and the last of my results I am collecting. 

Updated in my research paper:

NTRK phosphorylation and MAPK pathway activation
NTRK activity in SCC
Cleaned up, clearer methods
Labeled figures by cancer name
Full western blot figures
At the lab last week, I started the serum dilution assay. It requires a 5-day incubation, so I will be reading the plate tomorrow.


 So, unfortunately, I haven't been able to complete my conclusion this weekend.  I forgot my other computer at school, and Kate has yet to respond to as what HAS2 and 18s are, and if I don't know what those are it makes it much more difficult to write the conclusion.  I have, however, made much progress in putting together the charts and I have began drafting my conclusion.  This upcomming week I need to finish my paper's conclusion and figure out how to insert the charts and pictures into my paper in a way that is enjoyable to read.

Mirrors (Part 4)

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Ah, yes. The hand-drawn squiggly line.

They look like seahorses. Or Cheetos.

I can try to refine my drawing technique... but is this the idea?

Poster Post

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I am starting to work on my poster for the NWSES system as well as composing my oral and PowerPoint presentation for the Oregon JSHS.

I'm going to print out two posters using PowerPoint templates from MakeSigns, paste each on a poster board, and clamp the two poster boards together for a mega-board. I've checked and it fits the NWSE size restrictions, barely. :-)

Does that sound good? Thanks so much again.