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Pre-Flight Nepal

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We are leaving for Nepal Saturday morning. I'm almost packed, just a few things left to get together. I'm so pumped!!!!!!!!

Yeti in Portland...

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 Dear Mama and Papa, 

I am still in Portland. We leave this Saturday. Still have to pack.... uh oh. Still have not seen any Yetis...

Looking for the France trip blog?

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 Just go to this page! It's located on an outside website (

Presentation Things

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  1. I printed out a paper copy of my poster board for more convenient practice.
  2. Looking forward to a run-through with you (using my mini-poster OK with you?) tomorrow!
  3. Yay!
  4. Thanks!

Welcome to the Chile/Argentina blog!

Check back here while we're on the road from March 16 - April 4 for updates almost daily. Keep in mind as well that our daily itinerary is available on the trip website.

Perú - Final Itinerary (March 4th)

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This is our itinerary to for the Perú Trip

Day 1: Wed. March 12
Depart PDX to Houston     UA228 at 6:00AM 
Connect Houston to Lima     UA854 at 3:50PM
Arrive in Lima, Perú at 10:25PM
Ovenight in Lima: Miraflores Suites Centro

Day 2: Thurs. March 13
Breakfast at hotel
Drive to Lunahuaná (approx 4 hrs.)
Move into Bunkhouse/Dorms 
Welcome ceremony at CRFA Huayllampi

Saturday preparation day

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 Dear parents,

A Working PPT & Talk!

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I spent the weekend writing my speech and editing my JSHS PowerPoint presentation to my satisfaction! (For your viewing ease, my speech for each slide is in the notes in PowerPoint. There are some animations and GIFs that won't play unless you enter slide show mode, though. Either way, you'll see the whole collaboration during my presentation practice!)

I would love to hear your feedback, if possible!

Thanks so much! :)

Let the Storm Rage On

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Yes. I was so desperate for a clever blog title that I turned to Disney. ("Let It Go")

I am looking forward to practicing my presentation this coming week. I have completed and polished about 80% of my talk for the JSHS, which I will modify and condense for Gresham-Barlow. 

I ordered my poster papers. I have two boards at home from years ago, so I think I will use them in constructing my poster.

Thanks for reading! More coming soon.