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Week Four

This week was the last week of my senior project and it went well. On Tuesday, I met with the Multnomah Youth Commission to debrief about the Youth Summit on Transit Justice. We talked about what went well during the event and what could have been better. This was the first summit of this kind and both OPAL and the MYC hope to continue holding this summit to inform and engage with youth about transit justice.

Final Week at Deviation

My final week at Deviation was very fun but there wasn't much action. Aside from some renderings I had to do for an artist I spent the entire week working on my final project -- my own pair of skis! I brainstormed my topsheet for a whole week and came close to a decision on Tuesday. However, the idea I had was very similar to a tutorial I had read earlier in my internship and so I decided to make a more original design. On Wednesday I suddenly was inspired by some Japanese prints I was looking at and ended up creating a topsheet utilizing traditional Japanese colors and patterns.

Last Week

Last week… it was okay. It’s the last day and I realized that I just feel like I’m starting to understand the schedule and how not to be confused all the time.

Hmmm… Tuesday was pretty busy even though Lynda was willing to let me have an extra period free.

Blog #4!!!!!

…continued from Blog 3…

Blog #4!!!!!

…continued from Blog 3…

Blog #3!!

Ok, what’s been going on for the past two weeks of my senior project?

In the Capitol

I spent Wednesday of last week in the Capitol with my mentor as she met with legislators, and other lobbyists. It was great to meet with and bump into legislators as we walked around the Capitol as it provided me with a very different look at the lives and work of our lawmakers than the somewhat bizarre communications I had, had with them via email during my final project in Patrick’s Globalization class.

Week #4

 My final week at Ceramics West Dental Lab consisted of continuing to learn about the intricate process of creating crowns and bridges. I was able to finish a number of waxes for two different sets of teeth. Also, I got to create a wax coping of a molar which is pictured below in a little box. The crown pictured below was not a crown that I created but was a crown I followed throughout the entire process, beginning from the impression sent by a dentist to the end where the dental technician made the final adjustments using a drill. 

Sherwood Fire & Rescue Community Fair

 Yesterday I took part in the15th annual  Sherwood Fire & Rescue Community Fair on behalf of the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge. I didn't know what to expect when pulling up, but when i got out of the car and walked into the fire station, I was sure it would be a flop. There were maybe 10 booths set up, advertising everything from electical saftey to the Cat Adoption Team. A dozen happy helpers milled about the concrete floor, mingling with the fire fighters who helped direct the flow of activity.

Third Course: Week 3 at EYHO

On Monday I worked with Bobby, Tony, and Jacob to prepare for our event later in the evening. We were catering a memorial service in someone’s condo for a recently passed husband and father. We made a buffet of small items including bite size desserts, zippy burgers (sliders), crab cakes, tortellini skewers, and a cream cheese log with salmon and fresh herbs. After the kitchen prep was done I changed into my all black catering uniform and drove to the destination.