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Working With Rick Potestio Week 4

My fourth and final week with Rick began on Tuesday. I began by brightening up photos that I took of sketches Rick drew, and he helped me sort through the final photos of the Vancouver house. After lunch we went to run some errands, dropped a bike off in the pearl, picked up his framed pastel from Blick, and I was able to buzz in and drop it off at the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA). Following that we drove up to two of his very nice clients’ house. We sat at their dinner table and Rick explained the newest iterations of his plans, which he had expertly trimmed to make more affordable.

Senior Project, Week 4

             The last week of my senior project has been another great one with many stories to tell. I spent the beginning of the week continuing at Montessori Northwest and watching the many teachers begin to study for their final exams. I spent my time with three teachers all fresh out of college and ready to focus their time at Montessori. Montessori has many unique techniques that I find extremely useful. For example, the teachers who are accepted in to the Montessori teaching program must feel that they really want to be there.

Timberline Ski Patrol Week 4

I’m going to separate my final blog post into two parts, a brief synopsis of my week then move on to a reflection on my experience as a whole. 


Week 4: The Big Day, Visits, and Free Food!

Everything Good Comes to an End

 I’m just a tad late with this post, but I wanted to postpone this blog post until I had finished work today (I just couldn’t get enough time with Dr. Gupta and his crew.)  So this week and a day was pretty standard, and for this blog post I’m going to focus on a unique case I got to see and cap off my stay with the folks at the Knight Cardiovascular Institute.

Last senior project blog entry

My last week of senior projects was a very fun one. This week, instead of working with Ed Carpenter, I transitioned to the second part of the project, working with Lauren Sheehan, and focusing more on music. Throughout the duration of senior projects, I had been reading “How To Be Your Own Booking Agent,” a book by Jeri Goldstein, a nationally known booking agent, recently retired. The book details many of the processes and includes an innumerous amount of tips in booking gigs, and gaining a reputation. One of the more emphasized topics was one’s online presence.

Week Four at PICA!

For my last week I got to focus pretty heavily on the graphic design side of PICA.

Jeremy Senior Project Week 4

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     Monday was Memorial Day, so the team had the day off.

Goodbye Northwest Aircraft

My final week here started with a nice visit from Tom Tucker, my faculty advisor for the project. As part of our senior projects, he is required to visit our workspace and get a feel for what I’ve been doing for the past month. Before he arrived, I was tasked with reorganizing the wall of gaskets, where they have tried to keep track of the dozens of types of thin pieces of trimmed rubber that seal help seal the engine. I was awestruck at the sheer number of shapes, sizes and prices, with some costing as much as 35$. While I waited for Tom, I took on the grease pit.

Week 4 - Back to the Beginning

My activities during my last week were a replay of my entire month. It started with cars and ended with a lot of shadowing. Due to Memorial Day, it was another shortened week (I’ve only had one full week this entire month) but it began the way the last one ended – with a lot of cars.