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The Start of Our Journey

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Day 1 March 13, 2014

More Research

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Yesterday, I started on my next steps to further investigate the unexpected behavior of the NTRK1 wild type and continue my research. 
First, I prepared the plasmid sample and sequencing primers to do a full DNA sequence of the NTRK1 WT construct. The sequence should come back tomorrow. 

Before April 4th

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Debriefing Gresham-Barlow. Preparing for the Intel NWSE & ISEF.
- Poster design was inefficient. Next time, I have resolved to just use rulers and tape instead of the fancy metal screws I bought from Home Depot. (Read that on the internet) I'm not as worried about efficiency in poster setup for the state fair because I will go the night before to setup, but the screws also forced me to bore the holes, which were imprecise. Thus, rulers and tape, rulers and tape, all the way.

Preparing to Leave: Soon to see Yetis

 Packing for Nepal

This is day one of packing/preparation for the trip. We leave in 5 Days! Packing is coming along, but I'm not quite finished yet. I have to finish all of the work that is due when we get back. I am very excited to go!

Ryan Selden

Packing: The Nightmare Before

Nepal is approaching. We leave in 5 days. We are all excited and in the process of preparing for take off. I spent some time this weekend packing. There is now a pile on an empty bed at my house of most everything I will be taking to Nepal. I still need to get more pairs of socks though.

Heading to Nepal

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I've finallly finished my packing list and am continueing to get stuff together for the trip.

Preparing for Nepal

We leave in 5 days for Nepal!!!! I am packing for the trip and we are getting very excited for this super cool trip. 

The wonderful rushed packing of my bag...

 I feel so lazy right now its a problem.
What am I doing here,
I should be packing.
- Hwan

I actually packed some this weekend, starting to organize my clothes and such. I still feel that I will have some panicky moments on Thursday/Friday with finishing up.

Preparation for Nepal

 I have almost all of what I need for my trip to Nepal, but I have yet to even think about packing. Still not quite accepting the fact that we're gonna be in Nepal in less than a week. Ian seems anxious to begin searching for the Yeti, which should be entertaining.

Pre-Flight Blog, Nepal 2014

 I spent much of the weekend organizing and packing. My personal excitement is high as thoughts of being in Nepal surfaced. Traveling with students and enjoying the wonder of Kathmandu Valley and its many sites is most joyful. Bringing out my travel bags, outdoor gear, and airplane comfort items triggers good thoughts and feelings. I recall walking through medieval squares, smelling fresh roti, drinking sweet chai, and hearing the chants of religious devotion all swirl through. Saturday just 5 days away now....early meeting at PDX and we'll be off.