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Day 2 or 3 (which ever way you look at it): Shopping Mall Korea

It is 8:30 am here in the Korean Airport. We woke up at 6:00, left the "Airport Hotel", went through security, I didn't set off any scanners thank goodness, and now we are doing what people do at airports...waiting. This airport is like a huge shopping mall, but only cleaner. It's going to be a long flight, just like yesterday, but it was okay. I watched four whole movies on the plane. And yes, yes I do admit that I cried, actually sobbed, and the end of The Book Thief. I think it was the 20 hour day catching up to me.

- Etienne

Final Flight to Nepal (Seoul to Kathmandu)

Greetings from Seoul!
We are about to depart on our last flight on the way to Nepal. Today we fly all the way to Kathmandu! Great flight yesterday, and we stayed in an awesome airport hotel overnight. Korean Air is great!

Headed for Nepal

After a long day travelling yesterday, we finally relaxed at a nice airport hotel. The flight from Seattle to Seoul was super long, but thankfully the individual tvs and multiple movies helped make the trip feel shorter. After arriving in Seoul last night after 1am Portland time, we relaxed with the sauna, nice showers, and a good night sleep. We are almost ready to board the plane to Kathmandu in a few hours and are getting very excited. It is starting to really sink in that we are going to Nepal.

Meeting with Home Stay Families

Sloths, Scorpions & Quetzals...Oh My!!

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 Sábado el 15 de Marzo

Today we went to the Cloud Forest Reserve for a guided hike through the dense wildlife. In our groups we saw tarantulas, sloths, Quetzals and other fun/unusual flora and fauna (no monkeys yet!). Our guides were intensely knowledgeable on the history of Monteverde and the surrounding area, giving us another look at the many layers of a rainforest community.

Why does life seem clearer in the trees?

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 I am fairly certain at this point that the quality of my life and the happiness of my days can be measured in how many times I hear these words spoken regarding my present activities, "wow, that was so cool."  This and similarly hackneyed yet earnest exclamations puncutated our day as we traipsed from one unforgettable experience to the next - and I was so happy.  It was a day of a thousand conversations, fretting and excited kids, getting ready for the great launch to homestay families tomorrow, a seesaw of confidence and trepedation.

The Voices from Monteverde

The dinner we had the night that we wrote this inspired this haiku--Piper
Pescado con sal
Tambien con papas fritas
Estuvo rico

Miran un perro,
Su nombre es Scooter y
Tambien Tico

By Lydia

All the activities we’ve done since day 1 inspired me to write this---Morgan
Me gusta liberado
Carros rapidos

I wrote this about the hike we took at the CEC--Abbey 
El sol brillante

Getting the Gist of Things

March 14, 2014

The gusty howling wind on the top of the mountains

 The Monteverde wind reminds me of the typhoons in Taiwan where I grew up, with its steady force, its high-pitch humming. Without the usual bounty down pouring that comes with the typhoons, the wind actually is quite soothing, under the beautiful blue sky and the bright sunshine. It’s a beautiful sight to watch from atop, the trees which have no way of resisting the force of the nature, but kowtowing to it.  It’s an amazing experience for our Pacific Northwest dwellers, the children, to see, to hear and to feel.  Pura vida!!