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Last Week at PAC

 For my last week at PAC, Chris and I decided to take a relativly easy week. Since Monday was Memorial Day, we started on Tuesday. For our last week we did a lot of little projeccts around the building. One of our smaller projects was installing a new key box to house student keys outside the building. The big project for tuesday was cleaning the whole stage. We vacummed both the stage and the carpets, rolled up all the carpets, blew all the dust out off the backstage area. It was a huge poject that took most of the day.

Look what the cat drug in

 You really never know what will happen at Ace, usually depend wholly on the customer. Sometimes though, somewho you become the customer, and the customer becomes the peddler of goods. That's the situation Matt and I found ourselves in on the Monday of my third week at Ace. A gentlemen walked in with several typewriters that he wanted to gift to Matt. He said he had no place for them and no use for them.

Week 4/ reflection

Looking back on my senior project, I have come to realize how much it taught me. There is something distinctively different than school about going to work each day with a clear purpose. This was very refreshing, especially since the work that I have been able to be doing has been so much fun.

A Tale of Two Fishies (sortofnotquitekindofmaybeoneofthemisBecky): FAIS week 4+

This last week was the last week of Senior Projects, which is kind of crazy if you think about it, since it didn't feel like a long time has gone by at all. Not much of anything happened this last week, actually, so I'll probably end up keeping this post a little shorter than the ones before. 

Last week at Gwyn's- Events galore!

This week was full of finished projects and due dates. We also buried a dead body in the yard.
It was rather stressful, but also really fun!

First off, let me explain the dead body to you.

Oh look, Gwyn has a box! A slightly smelly box. Very suspicious.


Last week!

The last week of my senior project was awesome! I spent more time working with Brian in engineering, and Chris and Mitchell in marketing. 

Final Week

Well, It has finally come. The last week of Senior Projects is done and I can honestly say it was a truly wonderful experience. The people that I met from Liz, Liza, Courtney, Shannon, Catherine, Amanda, and Kevin, to the work experience I received from interning at Manor Fine Wares, I am truly grateful.This experience really opened my eyes to the many different facets that go into a successful small business.

Week Four at Raleigh Hills

Today, sadly, brings the end of my time at Raleigh Hills. I really enjoyed coming back to accompany the class on one more field trip today, this time to Salem for a tour of the state capitol. As I walked to the classroom this morning and said hello to all the kids and teachers I recognized in the hallway, I realized how comfortable I’d become in the school in just these four weeks, and how much I’m going to miss my time there. Maybe I’ll find a time next week to go visit one last time!

Week 3

This past week at manor has been a really exciting one for me. With Kevin out on vacation on Monday, I had the opportunity to man the warehouse...all by myself. At first I was a little scared at first because I mess up so much with Kevin there, who’s to say I’m not going to mess up when I’m by myself? I was scared...but once I remembered Meg was only a phone call, I started feeling a lot better

Trevor Tompkins Conclusion Blog

 Upon completing my senior project I feel humbled and thankful to have had the oppurtunity to participate in the tradition. My last week of work consisted of rapping a few things up and looking ahead to the summer when I continue this same project as a paid employee!