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Spring Break

I'm working on the data collection, wasn't able to get started until yesterday because my lifeguard certification class ran from 11-6 all last week. 

Finding data has been a lot more difficult than it was last time, mainly because I eliminated all of the easiest ones. I've emailed Robin asking if she has any additional data that might tell me which data points correspond with which locations, but no response yet. 

Guesthouse Dinner

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 We have had many dinners so far, ranging from traditional to italian. Tonight, we had a home cooked meal. Veronica, Etienne and I cooked pasta with red sauce and garlic bread. We had no idea where anything in the kitchen was, so that was difficult, but fun none the less. We had bought canned vegetables, but the cook here at the guesthouse never used cans so he didn't have a can opener. Veronica had to use her utility knife in a long series of attempts, it was all quite enjoyable.

Experience in Nepal

 The highlight of this trip for me was our time spent at the orphanage and Boudhanath. I was a little hesitant going into our orphanage visit at first but within a few minutes the children had included me in their game of basketball. Although they had a fairly deflated ball and a shoddy court they played hard and my team only won by a few points. Later on I played badminton and jump rope with the kids and I ended up losing a game of chess. I was relieved to hear that we would be returning Monday morning to spend even more time with the kids.

Day Thirteen: Buenos Aires!

Written by Anayanci and Violeta:

Day Twelve: La Perla

Written by Katarina and Jill:

End of trekking

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 The last two days of trekking was visually amazing. The mix of green plants and gray rocks on a down hill/steps in an open space was really pretty to look at. We saw couple of animals, like cats, dogs, cows and chickens. It was nice to see those animals and as usually one dog followed us for a while. After a nice walk(?) down, we got to our place where we stayed. They provided nice food and we learned about a finger pool looking game where we used out fingers to put chips into the cornors of a board. We also got to eat with the porters, which was very nice.

Days Eight and Nine: Mendoza

Greetings from Mendoza, Argentina. Our last two days have been quite mellow--a vacation of sorts within the longer trip. Yesterday, we arrived in Mendoza around 1:30. Because siesta is observed here, and it was hot, we rested in the hostel for a couple of hours, playing cards and napping. After that, we headed out to obtain pesos. Now, Argentina is tricky at the moment because the official exchange rate (7.5-8 pesos to the dollar) is well below the dollar's actual value.

Busy in the lab!

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Some updates from the last two weeks!

My checklist:
1. Sequence NTRK1 WT

Good Bye, Costa Rica!

Hi, Elliott here, on the plane back to Portland. Our trip was amazing; from the people I met, to the ones I already knew, it was fantastic. The time has flown by, it feels like just yesterday we were boarding the plane to San Jose. Although it will be great to see my family again, I am going to miss it in Costa Rica, from the people I met, to the place itself. After leaving such a beautiful place I feel like Portland will just feel so, well… bland.

Day Seven: Last Day in Santiago

Written by Anayanci and Jill: