Day in Bhaktapur

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Today we went on a hike to a temple. It was a bit surprising considering most of us did not know we were hiking. Liv slipped into the water at the farmlands, where we had to walk on high up narrow paths. We saw army guys in training while we were hiking. Cody and Kenny raced each other to the top. Needless to say, Kenny tired out and lost. We got to the top and looked around one of the oldest temples in Nepal. There were amazing carvings throughout the temple, and many shrines to Hindu gods. Afterwards, we shopped from the many vendors on the way back from the temple, and then had lunch. We rode a bus back to Bhaktapur. After resting for a little bit, we went to Durbar Square and Potter Square. We got to see how pots were made, from their forming to their firing. Durbar Square was was really amazing. It is the palace square, which is what Durbar means: "Palace." The buildings were very intricately detailed. There was a golden gate, with the statues of gods that prevented evil spirits from entering one of the many courtyards in the palace. This courtyard led to a temple within the palace, reserved only for Hindus. Unfortunately, we couldn't really pass as Hindus so we went to the royal bath, a very large stone bath with many levels, with a giant cobra rising from the center of the water.