Framing a door/last day with Tom

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  Thursday: Today i started by adding a coat of paint to the closet. This is the last step I will complete on this project, leaving only the installation of the bars for Dave to do over the weekend. I can confidently say that this closet looks great, and I'll post a picture of one of the shelves. One thing to notice about this picture is that there was a space between the shelf and the bulkhead after i assembled it, and now the caulk and paint has completely hidden that. Painting was much easier than applying primer because the paint covered the surfaces evenly after one pass with the roller, as opposed to going back and forth and back and forth with the primer. The next project I worked on was framing a door. We were working at Dave's parents house actually, and they wanted a door connecting their outdoor garage to their recycling area. This project was not simply put up the studs and hang the door. On this project i learned that just because you are doing a specific "job" does not mean that there are other processes involved to complete it: We had to dig the dirt out on the other side of the garage down about 2 feet, and out enough for the door to swing open (the garage floor is much lower in elevation than the earth on the side of it). Also, we had to use a concrete saw to cut out space in the side of the garage foundation for the door to sit. This project was cool because even though we just "installed a door", i learned how to use a jack hammer, shoveled dirt for about an hour, hammered a bunch of nails, mixed/poured concrete, smoothed out the concrete, and between me, Dave, and Dave's employee Peter, it took about four hours. 

Friday: Today was my last day with Tom in the wood shop. It was a sad day for me because i have enjoyed my time so much, and I wish it wasn't ending! I think the senior project period is not long enough to fully delve into the work... I was just settling into my project! But as my wise CnC advisor Mr. D. mentioned, the purpose of these projects it to get a taste of the work. Well, it has left me hungry for more. Anyways. I sharpened about 15 chisels today, I've gotten really good. Also, i had the opportunity to do a little esthetic work on the HMS pinafore set  with Max Baron (we colored in the little black spirals above the doors, check em out). I went to OCAC for lunch with my mom and it was great. I spent the second half of the day cleaning the shop. The sanding room has always been on my mind, because it's so messy and the mess leaves little space to work. After deep cleaning the sanding room, the table saws were next on my radar. It was great to spend some time cleaning the shop because I was giving back to this place I used so often. Also, to make things easier for Tom was a huge bonus for me, it felt great.