March 16th, 17th, and 18th - Tamang Heritage Trail

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 March 16th

We got up early and boarded a tour bus for the seven hour trip to Langtang National Park. The roads were etremely bumpy and it was a little scary at times. The bus hugged the hillsides as we peered down steep valleys. We finally arrived in Syabru Besi and went to bed after talking to local kids at the town's school. The little kids loved Liv's tale and ripped it off. Luckily she got it back.


March 17th

We woke early and started treking up the hill past the town. After a hard day of treking we enjoyed tea and a rest. After lunch, the path flattened out and we quickly reached the guest house in Catlang. After reaching the house a group went out to explore the town. They talked to the locals and learned the phrases. The rest of the night was spent playing cards and enjoying conversation over food and tea. 


March 18th


After a nights rest we headed down from the village to the river at the valley floor. We passed several stupas on the left, as is the custom in Nepal. The stupas were hundreds of years old and built of carved stones tacked on top of each other. We followed the river to another valley and headed up again. It was a long treck upwards to Tatopani which means hot water. We all enjoyed a soothing mineral rich bath in the hot springs.


-Erin and Grant