So much to do!

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 Today I got to join in on a meeting between the legal assistant in my office, and the attorney in my office. These are supposed to happen once a week, but as most busy offices go, they don't always. So this was the first meeting of this type I got to see. Basically what happens is Connie (the legal assistant) lists off each case they are handling to David (the attorney) and discuss what needs to be done in the near future to update each case. This was really interesting because not only did I get another overview of each case the office is currently working on (which I got at the beginning of my first week) but I heard about all the work the two of them have to accomplish in the next week or so. The sheer volume is absolutely crazy--there are so many cases and so many letters, formalities, court dates, etc. to set up in such a little amount of time. 

Then I got to look through and see some emails sent between a client and outside party. I can't say anything about this, but basically I was organizing the emails in chronological order, and then typed up a list of the date of each email, who each email was from, and who each email was to. I am hoping these types of small jobs are actually helping them out--I seriously cannot believe all the work that goes into practicing law. There is a lot more behind the scenes stuff that they do not show on TV--its not just court appearances and nasty fights with the prosecution. 

Tomorrow I go to court again. I'm having fun and learning a lot (especially some law vocab that I never really knew).