Japan Trip Notes 5/4/10

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Today, we talked mainly about our bakesale, which is going to occur on THURSDAY, MAY 14!
This time, students are COMPLETELY in charge, and need to be very organized in order to complete all the necessary steps needed to have a successful sale!

Here are some things we are going to do to STAY ORGANIZED!
Those who have second period free on Thursdays are going to be in charge of set up
Those who have sixth period free on Thursday are going to be in charge of clean up
EVERYBODY is going to help sell
We are going to have two sets of class lists printed out (one for break, one for lunch) and WE are going to be the ones to mark each person's name off.
We are going to make price tags necessary for each item
EVERYBODY is going to be brining food!

We also discussed what the money we make is going towards, of which we have a goal of about $800
Facny dinner in Japan
Sister school relationship-gifts?
Dance lessons this summer
Parts for robotics presentation
Other misc. items that need to be paid for

We also discussed the need to TURN IN OUR PAPERWORK!!!
take care of passport photos and copies of passports ASAP!
no paperwork, no trip!
turn in your papers to Veronica sensei SOON!

That's it for now!
please don't forget we are now meeting TWICE A WEEK every week!