Japan Trip Notes 4/30/10 (again)

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Today we found out a little information about our homestay!
Yoko sensei informed us that there are going to be some boys staying with girls, so if you are uncomfortable with that, make sure you let her know!

Starting this month, Japan trip meetings will be held both TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS, until further notice!

This week, we were fortunate enough to have another senior guest speaker, Yannie! Make sure if you see her you thank her once again!
Here are some of the tips and questions she answered for us:

You will become great friends with your entire group, and be very dependant on them as you travel together
Bring small luggage! You have to take it wherever you go!
Bring thing T-shirts so you can wash them.
Bring bug spray!
You may experience cultural shock-Gifu students are LOUD! and there are many of them!
It may be a little hard to communicate with your host family at first, but you will figure out different methods of communication, including pictures.
Students at Gifu seem a bit immature
Yannie went to a really cool paper-making museum with her host family on the weekend.
Bunkasai was really fun!--Dancing, haunted house, skits, yakisoba making, competition
Food-try everything! Be adventurous!
At Sukiji (fish market) try raw fish! It is super fresh!
Its hot, Yannie got heat rash, so be careful!
Drink LOTS of water!
Try vending machine drinks, they're delicious.
Go to dinner with new people, get to know everyone!

We also talked about our next bakesale:
The 13th of May, which is a Thursday
Maybe at a later time we will host a cakewalk
We talked about the possibility of having this bakesale at the Cabel center since it is right before assembly.
EVERYONE needs to bake and help once again.

Lastly, we talked about Tshirts
Emrys showed us to drafts, and we voted on a Ninja as our design!
Emrys still needs to make a few changes to it, such as adding Catlin and Gifu's name, etc.
We need to decide in the near future what color we want, what we want on the back, etc.

Remember our next meeting is on TUESDAY, May 4th! and then we'll have another meeting on FRIDAY!

Don't forget to thank Yannie for her time at our meeting!!