Japan Trip Notes 4/16/10

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Friday we were very lucky to get to hear Andy speak of his experiences in Japan. Here are some of the things he had to say!

he went to the hot springs with his family, and suggests we ask if interested when we are in Japan
When in fish market, don't get anything with sea urchin unless you've already tried it
Trip-very fast pace. get caffein from vending machines!
READ for what you are getting from vending machines
If there is an optional hike-do it! it's awesome!
Don't go to obvious places for dining. Holes in the wall are best.
Don't be scared to explore when you can, you're only there for so long!
Japanese people on streets--super helpful--ASK FOR DIRECTIONS!
Be prepared for different weather (typhoon last trip)
Hot springs are awkward at first, have to go in with no clothes--hard at first but worth it
Dissorientation will bring you closer to your group members
Ask in hotels for assistance on where to eat/visit
Bring/buy extra bag for small souveniers
Travel in groups! Never go alone
Clothes wont air dry, too humid
Buy umbrella-cheap, don't bring one (hassle)
Made in Oregon is a good place to find host family's gifts
    presentation of these is important--NO price tags
Leave extra room in bags for gifts, you'll get lots from your host family
Your host family will stay up late to keep you company, and then do there homework.


Make sure if you see Andy around campus to thank him again for all his great suggestions!!!