Day 3: Order in the Court

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 Today was another crazy day downtown. I have now parked my car successfully, for those who were worried after my incident Monday. 

More interestingly, however, today I got to go down and hear a case at the Pioneer Courthouse. I always pass this building when I'm shopping downtown, but I've never been inside. The building is gorgeous. I read two very long briefs about the case I was seeing last night, so I knew what the two arguments were and what to expect. The defense attourney on the case is a friend of the attourney I'm shadowing, so we went to watch her present her argument. 

Though I obviously have no idea what a good or bad argument is, as far as I could tell, she made a really compelling argument that I think should win her the case. I'm not sure what specifics I am/am not allowed to publish, so I won't say anything specifically about the case, but it was really interesting to watch. There were a panel of three judges, and because it was an appellate court (spelling?), they were able to jump in and ask questions at any time they wanted. If I were being questioned by three fairly demanding judges, I would have been super nervous, but the defense attourney kept her cool and it seemed like the judges were really impressed by her argument.

Because the attourney is a friend of the attourney I'm following, I got to sit down with her after her hearing. We went to a local cafe and talked about why I'm interested in the law, why she became a lawyer, and she told me all about her favorite/least favorite parts of practicing law. We then shifted the conversation a bit, and talked about international travel for about 45 minutes. It's nice to know that despite the demands of being a well-known criminal defense attourney, you can still save some time to see the rest of the world.

Back in the office, I learned all about the billing system that their firm uses. The process is CRAZY. They enter all the numbers on multiple different computer programs, log them on paper, copy the information, and only after this ridiculous process do they deal with the bank. The legal assistant I'm shadowing, Connie, is incredibly thorough, and explained to me how important it is for a law firm to keep their finances in order. It was over a half hour of work just to track a week's worth of payment. Crazy!