Client interaction

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 Okay so this one is going to be super brief because I'm not allowed to say that much about it, but Wednesday my mentor let me sit in on a client interview which was super cool. Basically what my mentor does is as the process goes on (and it can be a LONG process from the day someone is arrested to the day the case is tried or dismissed, etc.) my mentor makes sure to keep in contact with his clients. So I got to sit in on an interview where my mentor was checking up to make sure everything was going smoothly with one of his clients.

I really appreciated this client letting me do this--I had read their discovery material before they came in, so I had a general idea of what sort of legal trouble they were facing, and I got to see behind the scenes of the communications that are normally restricted to the lawyer and their client. I am a total people person, so I'm super happy that I got to sit in on one of these and see what exactly a lawyer has to do in terms of keeping up contact with their client. It's a lot more than just ripping apart the opposing side in court-my mentor actually takes time to get to know his clients and ensure that they are okay as the process goes along. 

Okay I won't say anymore cause I can't give details, but this was definitely a highlight of the project.