Smart Growth

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 As our project begins to take form, our class is trying to understand the bigger picture. Before we can delve into planning this specific project, we have to understand the idea, to get a grasp on what Zenger Farm, is, what it can be, what Portland needs it to be, and what time and change will do to it. Portland, Oregon is at the leading edge of planning and development, and provides a sound base for our class to expand on. Our class hopes to take advantage of Portland’s vast Urban Planning scheme and Smart Growth systems. Smart Growth is the pre-planned itinerary for development and sprawl for the Portland region. There are mixed feelings on the subject; many believe that restricting outward development and suburban sprawl helps us conserve the agricultural and environmentally protected land that we cherish, while many others believe that this restriction of growth becomes a constriction of economy and progress. Due to the administration of METRO, Portland currently has a comprehensive Smart Growth plan, and as it affects our Zenger Farm project, it provides a good start in better understanding the bigger picture of what Zenger is, and what it means to Portland’s plan.