I'm ready to get this paper, GLIDER, you with me?

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I will be working with GLIDER, a tech startup that is backed by Tech Stars from Seattle, the Portland Incubator Experiment, and a handful of angel donors and other VC firms in Portland. Their online dashboard allows clientele to seamlessly manage their business contracts, legal contracts, and obtain deals and signatures. This would normally take business executives a huge amount of time out of their day to manage. By integrating Excel and other Microsoft Office tools, they simplify the whole process. They just launched live in New York for 2000+ people last Monday. I'm excited to help the GLIDER team relocate into their new office in the Pearl post-launch, working on various projects involving blog writing and possibly working in Excel with their marketing team, helping their business development team seek out potential customers for deals, and work with HR to develop a formal internship program. I'll have my hands full this next month with the actual ground work it takes for a startup to be successful.

For more information see: glider.com



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