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My first few days at Sockeye have been a lot of fun. Earlier this week we went on a location scout in Wilsonville at the Hollywood Video corporate offices. Because their company went bankrupt, the offices are pretty much a ghost town and its the perfect location for their "Corporate Wellness" video (a short viral comedy piece filmed in the same style as "The Office")


Sockeye will be moving from their Union Station offices to a new location right across the water. The first couple days I helped out making boxes, packing them, and archiving some tapes. We had a timed box-making competition, needless to say, I came out on top.

This is my workspace, so far they have had me do a couple photoshop projects such as designing labels for a fake energy drink company called "The Shake" they will be using in their upcoming short video. The window looks out to the heart of union station, its nice to watch the trains come and go.