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Internship at OpenSesame

 This summer I landed a job with OpenSesame, the world's largest eLearning marketplace. OpenSesame's goal is to bring sellers and buyers together at a universal marketplace. Previously, people with online training courses only sold through their own websites, so it made course management very difficult. Every company also has its own learning management system (LMS for short), and not every seller's course would work with the buying company's LMS.

Getting closer to the end of school

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Japan Trip Prep

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 At the moment we are all getting ready for the bake sale tomorrow. I am going to probably bake brownies or cookies. We turned in our introductions last friday, and I finished re-editing mine today. 



Winterim/Spring Break is over

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So winterim was very fun, even though I was sick for 2 days of winterim. I missed the museum and the shopping center which I really wanted to go to. The food in the pictures looked very good. I learned a lot about the culture, especially how to remove your shoes, and that everyone wears slippers inside their homes in Japan. During Spring Break I have not done much preperation for the trip. I worked on the introduction document though.


I hope everyone has a great spring break!


Prepping for the Japan Trip

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 This weekend I am going to write my piece about the santoor, and run through it a couple of times so that I will be ready to record during winterim. I haven't gotten to do much this week because of the many essays, and tests we have, but hopefully next week we'll get a lot done, since we have a big chunk of time. Can't wait for the Japan Trip!