Western blots this week

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After running the gel, transferring the gel, blocking, and probing with primary antibody, I washed the primary antibodies with TBST, then probed with secondary antibody corresponding to whether it was anti-mouse or anti-rabbit (see below). Afterwards, the western blots were imaged.
Which antibodies did I probe each blot with?
293T17 cells:
  • 4G10 (mouse)
  • Total TrkA/TrkB pan (rabbit)
  • pMEK (rabbit)
  • cyclin D1 (mouse)
SF BaF3 cells
  • TrkA/TrkB at specific tyrosine residue (rabbit)
  • TrkA/TrkB at another tyrosine residue (rabbit)
  • pMEK (rabbit)
  • pAKT (rabbit)



How did the Western turn out? Can you post an image or otherwise describe your results?

Western blot images

Welcome back, Veronica!
The blots are on the computer at the lab, so once I get the files transferred to my computer, I will share them with you.