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Visuals/graphics I am working on for my paper, as well as some for the science fair poster:

-A table of all the mutations I made (included in paper)

-A digram of my methods (flowchart, which would be good for poster board)

-Gene images (add mutation location)

-Western blot figures (pMEK, 2 other phospho blots, anti NTRK1, anti NTRK2)

-Flask images (labeling)

-IL3 withdrawal data tables and graphs (in progress, adding more data every day)
      -NTRK1 graph (control, WT, and mutations)
      -supplemental graph: zoom in on NTRK1 mutations to show they are slowly growing out
      -NTRK2 graph (control, WT, and mutation)
      -NTRK1 and NTRK2 data on same graph

-Serum dilution graphs (NTRK2 graph finished)


Nice list!

This is a great thing to plan out. Can I also add photos of you hard at work in the lab to the list? Not critical for explaining the science in your project, but perhaps nice to add on to your display board. We can see if there's space when you lay the whole thing out.

Great idea! Thanks, Veronica!

Great idea! Thanks, Veronica!