Snow day blog post

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This week, I have been working on my research paper, adding to the conclusion/discussion section, and finalizing all my figures. 

Due to the weather, I wasn't able to go to the lab these last few days, but hopefully, I'll go tomorrow. 

For the display board, is there a template that we should be using? In previous years, I have used a PowerPoint template that the school provided, although I'm not sure if I have it anymore on this computer. Otherwise, we can work on the display board together when you have time during class time. I'll work on picking out the most meaningful and crucial data that I want showcased on the board. In addition, on the presentation side, I will be thinking of ideas to craft a narrative/story to better shape the listener's understanding of my project and the results I found.

Also, as I wrap up my data collection this month, I'll write a brief abstract that sums up my project. 

Tomorrow, I hope to jump right into the serum dilution assay and the IL3 withdrawal at 10%. 


snowbound cells

Have the cells been getting fed regularly during the storm, or will they be super hungry/weak/frail when you see them tomorrow? We can discuss how to do your display board in person. Your focus on figuring out how to best showcase your data is a good thing to be thinking about.
Abstract - yes! Good memory.