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Hi Veronica! I just sent my results and data analysis section to you by email. 
Those results make up about 90% of all the data I plan to collect. 

The rest of my data:

-Starting next week, I will begin the IL3 withdrawal assay in 10% serum so I can compare those results with the results from the 6% assay (which is now finished). 

-In addition, I will work on the western blot using starved cells (no FBS, no IL3). Hopefully, without any growth factor influence in the media or the serum, I can eliminate external factors that may affect the phosphorylation of proteins in my western blots. 

The other sections of my paper:

I am continuing to edit and improve sections of my background, as well as my methods section. I have part of my discussion/conclusion section written, and will be working on tying in my "big picture" (personalized medicine) to my results (explain significance in larger context). 


Thanks for the update - as

Thanks for the update - as you gather and analyze more and more data, start thinking about which bits of data are the best evidence for the "story" you want to tell, and how you can represent those pieces of information in figures. You'll have limited space on your display board, so you'll need to figure out which bits of data are the most useful to you.