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To prepare for tomorrow's Intel Northwest Science Expo, I met with Aline yesterday to go over my presentation and hear her feedback. I printed the poster to the size of an 8x11 piece of paper. First, she read over the poster, and then asked me questions about it. She said my poster is very clear and that there is a nice balance between graphs/diagrams and text. Then, I went through my whole presentation, inviting her to ask questions as I went through the poster. Her comments were positive; she said I was very formal and fluid, the presentation came naturally and not forced, and that I showed a deep understanding throughout. 
Some questions and interesting points came up, and she gave very helpful feedback and suggestions to improve my presentation and help me connect my results to the bigger picture, personalized medicine.
In addition, this morning I presented my poster to Chris' 8th grade science class, which went quite well. I did my best to explain the science in simple terms, and it seemed like the class understood well the concepts and the science behind my work, as well as the significance of my results. It was a fun experience! 


Neat; this sounds like great

Neat; this sounds like great preparation for how to communicate to a wide variety of audiences! I look forward to seeing the finished product tomorrow morning.