Approaching new directions

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Approaching new directions

Seeing how the progress of the one NTRK2 mutation is coming along slowly, I've decided to incorporate the 3 other mutations + 2 wild types that I am working with into my project. 
All along in the lab, I've been working with NTRK1 mutations AND the one NTRK2 mutation. It turned out that not all the mutations came from DNA from patients diagnosed with AML--there is also squamous cell carcinoma and lung cancer. 

As my title states, "Novel targets for personalized medicine" means identifying mutations of particular cancers to add to a database that will help differentiate cancers in the future. Knowing this genetic information and later with technology helping us sequence full human genomes efficiently, will allow doctors to predict the likelihood of disease occurring in patients, as well as see which effective personalized medicines have been created targeting those specific mutations. 

That's why I think it will be useful to work on the mutations in the NTRK family, so in the future, we will be able to easily identify whether or not an NTRK1 or NTRK2 mutation in DNA has characteristics of either AML, squamous cell carcinoma, or lung cancer. 

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forms change

The title on your paperwork is "Novel Targets for Personalized Medicine: Identifying Oncogenic Drivers of Leukemia" which sounds not fully inclusive of your new direction. This (and your research plan, etc.) will need to be changed on both your hard copies of the forms and in the online registration.