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 So, unfortunately, I haven't been able to complete my conclusion this weekend.  I forgot my other computer at school, and Kate has yet to respond to as what HAS2 and 18s are, and if I don't know what those are it makes it much more difficult to write the conclusion.  I have, however, made much progress in putting together the charts and I have began drafting my conclusion.  This upcomming week I need to finish my paper's conclusion and figure out how to insert the charts and pictures into my paper in a way that is enjoyable to read.  I've attached to this blog post my master list of all of my results, which is what my conclusion will draw from.  
-Nick P.


I love your goal of making

I love your goal of making your paper "enjoyable to read"! I can't open the file (pc vs. mac issues?), but you can debrief me on its contents tomorrow.