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 So I don't have my notes on hand as I left them at school, but stay with me, I remember the general points.
HA is produced in the cell membrane and secreted out into the ECM.  The exact mechanisms by which HA interacts with MMPs are unknown at this time.
4MU functions by depleting the resource of one of the sugar building blocks of HA, as well as blocking the mRNA path that leads to the production of HA.
shHAS2 silences the HAS2, there are also HAS1 and HAS3.  It does this by attaching a short hairpin piece of RNA to the mRNA, preventing them from attaching to the readers and preventing the production of HA.
The opticon monitor system is rather convoluted and situational, but I've learned some new things and I will be able to communicate what I've learned more fully in class tomorrow!
The western used equal amounts of protein to account for any cell deaths that may have occured due to treatment processes.  This should allow the difference in specific protein concentration throughout the sample to be determined, and the bands should look different.  I am sending Kate my western to see what she says about it.
This is a brief and general summary of what I learned with Kate, I will be able to more fully express what I learned tomorrow with Veronica and my notes in class!
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I can't wait to learn the secrets of your PCR data! Thanks for this update, not shabby for not having your notes when you wrote it. The multi-pronged 4MU mechanism is particularly interesting.