Back from the Break!

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 So I've put a decent amount of work in over this break.  Still, my paper is far from completion.  I have the background and procedure sections in good places, though I still need to change my procedure from commands to past tense.  I have included a picture of my western blot and would like to know where that would go.  My largest worry right now is having enough content, after talking to Kristin, she said her paper is roughly 19 pages in length right now.  I know my footnotes will add length, but that still leaves me at roughly half her paper's length, which is a rather frightening prospect in my opinion.  I haven't ammended the purpose much, but I have added the final steps of the western.  Finally, I decided to add a touch more info about osteosarcoma, though I feel i could go more in depth.  Look forward to the feedback!
-Nick P.


it's not quantity, it's quality that matters

The Western blot is data and goes in your results section. Once you include data, analysis, and conclusions, your paper will get longer.
BUT - there is something to be said for being concise. Longer is not necessarily better!