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 Dear Diary,
I am so close I can almost taste it.  I got feedback on my last draft of my research proposal, basically letting me know that I needed to mention rDNA and its relevance to my experiment and take out form 3 from my long list of forms (because the eyes I am using are from a slaughterhouse).  I have made the ammendment that mentions rDNA, which is fairly brief.  I am happy with my research proposal presently, and I am looking forward to starting my paper.  I do still need to analyze my data, but as Veronica has recommended, I will start with a solid background and methods before I move on to anything else!  (At some point I will need to make my lab notebook, which I feel is going to be much harder than anything else I've needed to do in this class so far.)  Until next time.


I thought you already had a lab notebook?

What's that white binder?