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I hope you liked the do-it-yourself title. Unfortunately for me however, the rest of this post is less interactive for you, dear readers, and more work for me.

I think this post will be dedicated to discussing my mentor, Crystal.

Crystal is a the Kitchen Manager/Chef, so she's the top boss right under the general manager of the restaurant. She is youngish, i.e. late twenties or early thirties I would guess, and though she wears a bandana while working, and a hat most other times, I've caught a few glimpses of her hair, which is fairly short and streaked with blue. I gather that it's relative recent, as in, within the last year or perhaps half-year, as i've heard a few vague mentions from my coworkers to that effect.

I wouldn't really say she's friendly. I quite like her, but she's not particularly talkative, and she rarely goes out of her way to be jovial or make conversation. She is pretty businesslike, and that's understandable since she's responsible for everything that goes on in the kitchen. She can be fun though—every once in a while she'll surprise me with a joke or off-color remark, despite at other times half-heartedly questioning whether the other employees' vulgar remarks and crude humor is workplace appropriate.

She has worked at Ping since it opened in 2009. She started a prep cook, then just moved her way up the ranks to become top food boss. Needless to say, she's very competent. She mentioned she'd had about 10 years of cooking experience, and she might have even mentioned a culinary degree; without hearing that, I might have guessed she was 25 or so.

She's a little intimidating however, since she can be kind of gruff, and since she's the boss. She's never rude or mean or anything though.