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Quick Note:  Each day we select two kids to blog.  One has the macro view, the 30,000 view of the day.  The other is tasked with the micro view.  What aspect of the day impressed the most.  Kids are free to choose the event and we accept their choices.

Wilson's view:  This afternoon around 7:00- 9:00 we went to the mall. At the mall we did veirous thing, first we went to the shoe store, and looked at some Adidas shoes. After that we walked around and went to get some food, we came across a coldstones and got some ice cream I got a shake and my host person got nothing. We were also there with Leslie and her host buddy. After getting some yummy ice cream we went to the arcade and played some games. So if the games that I played was a basket ball shooting game And bowling, my homes gay buddy played the crane game and the basket ball game as well. I had a lot of fun tonight and I wish I could do it again.


From Bleu (Tyler's mom)

Thanks Wilson for the details. Sounds like some fun experiencing a mall in Taiwan. Wishing everyone more great adventures ahead.

It sounds like you are

It sounds like you are having fun. Food, arcade games and running shoes... Not much different from home. Thanks for the update. Mom

Home stays

Thank you all for the very interesting writing on what you are doing. We think about all of you each day and really enjoy all your updates. Wilson....enjoy your adventures . Rosie