Fallen Heros Ceremony Post

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Quick Note:

Li-Ling, Pongi, and I are so proud that the kids have blogged about the trip.  Due to sporadic internet access and the odd language glitch, I will be reposting a couple of entries that were originally cross posted to the World Cultures blog (http://worcult.blogspot.com)  We'll upload pictures as we can.  We are currently averaging around 500 photos a day, so get good and settled!  We are thoroughly enjoying our visit at Meiho High School.

Tyler wrote:  To start my day, I woke up at 6:00, but stayed in bed til someone else woke up. Once it was about 7:00, I got dressed and took my morning vitamins. At around 7:05, I went downstairs to eat breakfast with my homestay family. For breakfast I had rice, pork and a side of sugar apples. Finally, at about 8:10, we left to meet up with the other Catlin Gabel students at Meiho High school Once everyone one was there, we left to set off on our first activity. For our first activity, we observed a memorial, built for the people who died fighting for the Taiwanese people. At this memorial, many people had come to remember and pray for the brave soldiers who fought for their country. After that, we went to Dragonfly Beads Art Studio, where we were taught how to make beautiful beads using a very hot flame and sticks of wax. Once we were done making our bead, we would go upstairs to a small coffee shop where I had a mango smoothie. Next, we went to a tourist attraction where we ate eggs, sausage, rice and vegetables for lunch. After lunch, we observed a dance about the indigenous tribes of Taiwan. Along with the dance, we toured a gallery, displaying many different and interesting facts about the Taiwanes indigenous tribes. Once we were all done learning, we went back to Meiho High school to pick up anything we might need before heading back to our homestay families. Once I was all packed up, I went back to my homestays house to wait for her mom. Once her mom had arrived at the house, we went to the night market with Guy, Doug, Miguel, Kyle and their homestay buddies. There, I ate rice, chicken and vegetables for dinner. The night market is a very fun place where you can eat, play arcade games, buy candy and much more. Once we were finished eating, we played a few arcade games, like basketball baseball and the game where you hit the target with the hammer, and the metal rod goes up and dings the bell. Once it was about 8:30, we went back home so I could write my macro blog and then get some sleep.


From Mom!

Hi! Great blog- love all the details and the picture post. What an amazing experience!! We miss you but so grateful you are having this adventure. Thank you for writing so many details- it feels like I'm walking your day with you. Nice job on the vitamins! :)

From Dad!

Thanks Tyler for sharing all of these details. It is really fun to hear about your time. Proud of you for taking your vitamins and managing your health in a different country. Love you and miss you.