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OK....I note that life got a bit crazy and posting became erratic.  Fess up, Paul, posting became non-existent!  At my mentor, Jay Hurvittz's suggestion, this blog will not only serve as a journal of my thoughts and observations, but also as a place to reflect upon what I learned and plan.  So, let's meet Jay!  Jay grew up in Baldwin Hills, CA.  He currently lives on a Kibbutz about an hour south of Tel Aviv.  He is unbelievably wired.  I get e-mail replies within minutes of sending messages, no matter what time it is in Israel!  He is currently working on his sainthood medal as the father of two teen-age boys and one 12 year-old girl.  No wonder he is so patient with me!  Under his guidance, we finally decided to settle in Jerusalem for our trip.  That's a story for another post.  Right now, I'm trying to decide exactly what to focus on while in Israel.  There are so many interesting topics.  How wired are Israeli schools?  How do teachers teach with technology?  Is there a digital divide between schools/cities/neighborhoods?  What benefits are realized through a strong federal presence?  How are Israeli teachers trained to teach with technology?  Then there are the student to connect students in a meaninful way.  I am leaning more and more towards a Facebook model.  Not because I am enamored with Facebook, but because that is how young folks are staying connected these days.  If I want kids to keep the connections going, they have to feel comfortable with the tools.  Sure, I would prefer software such as VoiceThread or Glogster, but Facebook is the darling of the young today, so I should take advantage of it.  Hey, this was supposed to be about Jay!  Amazing where those reflections will take you!