Ethan's view of the day at Neipu Elementary

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Quick Note:  Clearly food is a popular topic.  Here is Ethan's take on the day.  Once again, kids will move pictures as we have consistent access.  Don't forget to check flickr where all the photos are.


Ethan writes:  After waking up at 6:00 I proceeded to eat Breakfast. It consisted of meat wraps, soup, and dumplings. After Breakfast I cleaned up my stuff and got ready to leave my cray cray homestay. Before leaving he gave me many many presents. We left the house at about 6:30. We got there being the first group. We waited for people to arrive, they came at about 7:30. From there on we practiced out cup song over and over until it was time to do the song infrount of the school. Dressed in polos and khakis we swagged our way through the song. Next the Mei Ho students did their break dance STUFF, it was very impressive. Gifts were given from school to school. Next we went back to our class room where all of our bags are at. We cleaned and cleaned until our bags were packed and the place was...sort of clean. After that we left in our three somes to go to the classes. The classes were very very loud. However it was very fun. We went to three classes after we were able to go on break/PE. We had break then Alon and I together with a crowd of students went to the eat the food the seniors had made for us. During the time Guy enjoyed breaking the coconut.....After we were released on another break were we chilled and took tons and tons of pictures with the students. After, went to the classroom and gathered our books to read to the elementary school. I found out while reading at the school the kids enjoyed to swear...They were also to old for the types of books we brought. Again the schools gave gifts to each other. After we departed back to Mei Ho High. We chilled and waited for the buses to arrive along with the homestay students. When they came I found out my buddie was a bro named Ian. We took the bus to his house. We has a very big house with 5 floors. When we got there after being shown around, I ate a soon to be continued dinner. Later I enjoyed playing card games and watching Tv. Soon around 7:00 we left to the night market. There we found Meugleotoz and played lots of fun arcade games. Later we also met up with lots of the other mei guo rens. After a fun time there we left and went to tour more of the city. We left the group and went to see ...a tea shop, the temple, bread shop, and a very cool old Japanese mail house and all the way taking many pictures. After the tour we went to a Kodak store to get the photos printed. Then we left the store and went back to Ians house. I took a well needed shower and am sitting here typing this blogg now. I am going to sleep soon as I finish this :P


Ethan!!! Glad you're doing well...

So nice to hear from my poochie woochie!!! Dad and I have been hoping to get a text from you...dude, what's up, nothing since "we've landed" ...?! In any case, we're so happy to see (via pics) that you all seem to be having a great time and can't wait to hear all the stories in person. 'love you much! :) mom and dad
p.s. 'loved your blog! (very creative spelling!)

From Bleu (Tyler's mom)

Ethan- wow what a day. Love all the pictures posted! Sounds like a great day. So neat that you got to participate on campus at a school. Really fun to hear the details and the exchange of songs and dance. Looking forward to future posts. Thank you!