Empowering students

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 Drove the 7th graders to listen to Greg Mortenson, author of 3 Cups of Tea.  Greg is an unbelievably humble speaker who was in his element in Portland.  Not a hostile member in the audience.  He spoke of many happenings in his life, in Afghanistan, and Pakistan, but two of his points were "aha" moments for me.  He talked of empowering students to change their world.  This is exactly what RICE does.  It empowers students.  The parent of a group leader told me about a Catlin Gable parking lot exchange today.  As her daughter was getting out of the car, a voice shouted across the lot, "Hey, do we neeed $5? [For lunch pizza during a group rehearsal]"  "Yes," she shouted back.  Then the girl's father shouted, Hey, tell me about this $5."  The mother reported the three of them walked into school together, the group leader explaining to the parent about rehearsals, the need to eat, etc.  RICE never ceases to amaze me in the ways it empowers students.  Greg Mortenson also spoke of listening to accomplish something.  I think maybe my approach to the upcoming Fulbright Israel trip should be to listen to the Israelis.  Ask them what they want and how I can help them achieve their goals.  Mortenson may be on to something here.  Listening.  When you hug your child tonight or put him/her to bed, listen to them.